US Taido History

This timeline represents the verifiable history of Taido in the US to the best of my knowledge. I was a member of US Taido from 1984 until 2006. I now train and teach as a member of Japan Taido.

My personal history and that of the Georgia Tech Taido Club have been moved to separate posts.


  • Seiken Shukumine is born in Okinawa.


  • Shukumine begins learning Ko-Ryu under Anko Sadoyama.


  • Shukumine begins studying Shuri-Te under Sokko Kishimoto as well as Kendo.


  • Shukumine enters the marine division of the kamikaze corps during World War Two. He begins to develop strategies for moving in three dimensions and sets a Japanese military high jump record which reputedly remains unchallenged.


  • After surviving the war, Shukumine returns to Okinawa, finding his home destroyed. He retreats to and island to meditate and train. Shukumine adapts the techniques he learned in his youth to be effective in a 3-dimensional space.


  • Shukumine begins teaching his martial art in Shizuoka.


  • Shukumine enters a nationally televised Karate exhibition. 135 pound Shukumine breaks 34 roofing tiles and demonstrates a flying eight-kick combination.
  • Mitsunobu Uchida is born in Shizuoka.


  • Shukumine creates the Gensei Ryu school and begins teaching at universities and the Tachikawa military base.


  • Shukumine is awarded 8dan Kyoshi title by the Dai Nippon Butoku Karate Association.


  • Shukumine completes the taigi (basic Taido techniques), consisting of un, sen, hen, nen, and ten movements inspired by natural phenomena.


  • Shukumine theorizes the basic principles of Taido as taiki (breathing), doko (movement), and seigyo (strategy).


  • Shukumine publishes Shin Karate Do Kyohan which describes the techniques and tactics of karate, to which he refers as “koryu”.


  • Shukumine formalizes the theory and techniques of Taido into a unified system and founds the Japan Taido Association.
  • Uchida begins his study of Shotokan karate.


  • Uchida enters Tokyo’s International College of Commerce and begins studying Taido.


  • Uchida receives a scholarship to Williamette University in Salem, Oregon.


  • Uchida moves to Dana College in Omaha, Nebraska where he teaches Taido as a credited elective.


  • Uchida graduates from Dana College with a degree in sociology. He returns to Japan to earn a degree in economics and train under Shukumine.


  • Uchida opens the first US Taido honbu dojo on Buford Highway in Atlanta, Georgia and founds the US Taido Association. His first student is Jerry Johnson.


  • Shukumine visits Atlanta and promotes Uchida to fifth degree black belt.


  • US Taido sends its first team to compete in Japan.


  • The first annual Taido summer camp is held in Hilton Head, South Carolina.


  • Shukumine visits Atlanta for the 4th of July demonstration at Stone Mountain Park.


  • Shukumine founds the World Taido Federation.


  • US Taido sends its second team to Japan.


  • US Taido hosts an international championship.


  • US Taido moves to a new location in Norcross, Georgia.


  • US Taido sends its third team to Japan.


  • Tatsuyuki Negishi moves to Atlanta to teach Taido.


  • US Taido sends its fourth team to Japan for the first world championships, including its first children’s team.


  • Shukumine visits Atlanta to attend summer camp and promotes Uchida to seventh degree black belt.


  • US Taido moves to a new location in Norcross.


  • Negishi returns to Japan.
  • Masayuki Hiyoshi arrives to replace Negishi.
  • US Taido hosts the Sun Data international Taido championship. .
  • Andy Fossett and Bryan Sparks found the Georgia Tech Taido club.


  • US Taido sends a team to Finland for the 2nd world championships.
  • Tom DeVenny opens US Taido’s “first branch school” in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


  • US Taido sends its fifth team to Japan.


  • Hiyoshi returns to Japan.
  • US Taido 25th anniversary celebration.


  • US Taido sends its sixth team to Japan. They attend the third world Taido championship in Okinawa.
  • Shukumine dies.


  • US Taido championship.


  • US Taido 30th anniversary celebration and tournament. About 75 Taido students and instructors visit from Japan.
  • The fourth world Taido championships are held in Sweden. US Taido does not send a team.


  • Taido performs a demonstration for Japan Fest at Stone Mountain Park.
  • The Georgia Tech Taido club celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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  1. would that be lex williams? awesome to hear form you, and i hope all is well. shoot me a mail if you have a chance sometime…

  2. hey i just happened to found this site while i googled taido,
    it’s really hard to find stuff related to taido outside japan,
    i read your article of quality of dojos and i found it an interesting read as i have plans to hopefully teach taido in malaysia,
    thats big talk for a guy who is only 3 kyu =P
    anyway great blog keep it up

  3. thanks for the comments!

    where are you practicing now?

    it’s true that there are not many english-language taido websites – each of the american dojo has one, alvar has, and there are some scattered english versions of japanese and european pages as well.

    good luck in taido. i hope some day i can visit malaysia and meet your future students.

  4. Good to hear from you, Yung.

    I’m hoping I can make it back next year. Fredrik, Louise, Dave and everyone else in Oz Taido are good people in my book.

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