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This page is for referrals to products I recommend. I do not make recommendations for things I do not personally enjoy owning and using. In some cases, I may receive a commission if you choose to buy through my links, but I’m not just posting random links for money – you can rest assured that anything on this page is the best I have found.

Elastic Steel

Paul Zaichik has some great products for improving strength, balance, and flexibility. Each one gives you a specific routine designed to get the most out of the body’s natural reflexes. Teach your nervous system to relax and allow your body to “stretch” deeper with less effort. Build real, solid strength without having to go to a gym (weights are nice, but not always available). Paul is not just some random personal trainer selling internet workout programs; he’s a martial artist and gymnast, and he has some very impressive movement.

I’ve used his stretching manual to rehab a groin sprain from early 2006, and I feel stronger and more mobile than I ever did before my injury. If you’re frustrated with stretching methods that simply do not work, give this a try.

GMB Fitness

I’m totally biased. This is my company.

GMB makes strength and skill development programs using tools like gymnastic rings and parallettes to build movement skill you can apply to anything – and yes, that includes Taido.

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