poll results: why are you practicing taido now?

out of 22 total responses:

  • 1 practices to prepare for the eventuality of physical aggression,
  • 14 practice because they enjoy the challenge of technical achievement,
  • 7 practice for development or maintenance of improved physical condition/health, and
  • 1 practices for interaction with friends.

61% of all respondents say they practice taido because they enjoy challenging themselves. 30% practice for physical health. those are both good goals, and i had assumed that they would receive the majority of the votes. both responses show that many students are practicing for some measure of self-improvement or personal development. in light of recent trends in the self-defense industry, i find that heartening.

oddly, i realized after posting this poll that i couldn’t choose any one response over the others. i consider them all to be very important. though i practice in order to continue pushing my own development as an athlete, a teacher, and a human in general, taido is also a place for me to be with close friends. though i’m not planning on putting myself in a situation what requires physical aggression, i do like to feel that i can keep myself safe under various circumstances.

i guess, as long as taido is helping me to grow in one way or another, i’m getting something out of my investment in time and effort.

thanks to everyone who voted. please also post a response in the new poll: how much do you practice?