poll: why do you practice taido?

i’m willing to bet that most of us have more than one reason for practicing taido. in fact, i personally have been doing taido so long that i have a really hard time imagining what life would be like without it – identifying my reasons to practice are like defending my decision to eat chicken or listing the benefits of drinking water everyday. however, let’s be simplistic here, and for the sake of trend-spotting, attempt to isolate our biggest current reasons for practicing taido.

this poll isn’t asking why you started taido or what benefits you think you may eventually achieve through continued practice. i’m interested in finding out why you are doing taido right now – what benefit do you receive that prevents you from skipping practices and watching tv? ideally, these should be immediate benefits (ie, not “because someday maybe i can kick ass like bruce”).

in my mind there are three big reasons for practicing a martial art. they are:

  • to learn how to defend oneself from a violent attack
  • to exercise their bodies for improved health
  • for social interaction or as a hobby

i’ve extrapolated these three main objectives to short-term benefits in my poll choices. of course, there may be others. if you find that none of these these three covers your own reasons, comment below, and i’ll add a new category to the poll.