Where to begin? The first thing to understand is that, to a large degree:

Unsoku is Taido.

Unsoku is the primary technique of Taido. We have a lot of flashy kicks that are quite ingenious, but unsoku tops them all. Most martial arts have stances and techniques. Taido introduces unsoku as a linking principle to allow the interjection of strategy on a higher level.

The footwork that makes up Taido’s unsoku is what allows the techniques to be effective Рit facilitates the movements. However, we have to be careful not to create a false separation between unsoku and technique. In application, they are functionally linked, and this is one of the things that makes Taido unique.

Articles on Unsoku

I have broken up what used to be one massive article into a few smaller chunks. Each of the links below covers unsoku from a different angle.

Taido Practice is Unsoku Practice

Unsoku is very important in Taido. You will hear many people say this, but few people totally understand how to use it (myself included). The only way to come by this understanding is through correct practice – everyone always needs more practice on unsoku. Since only perfect practice actually makes perfect, we must practice unsoku perfectly – while thinking about how to apply it.