2007 JapanFest Demonstration

For the past two years, US Taido has performed at the annual JapanFest in Atlanta. It’s always a fun event for those interested in Japanese culture and a good venue to showcase Taido.

I’ve been hearing over the past month or so how much effort everyone had been putting into preparing to put on this demo, and I really think it paid off. I was only able to attend for one of the two days, but the Taido team’s performance was by far the best martial arts demo of the day. It was solid action from beginning to end and showed off the US Honbu Dojo’s best selling points: family atmosphere and unique integration of techniques not usually taught in Taido dojo.

I really have to give a lot of kudos to Mitsuaki Uchida and Brendan Dumont, not only for their exceptional breaking performances, but for the planning and coaching they put in to make this demonstration happen. To prepare this event, they had to design and coach four different tenkai, a few dantai hokei, several self-defense scenarios, and be ready to perform their own parts. I was especially impressed by the adult tenkai, as it was thus far the best integration I have seen of techniques from Judo and Jiu Jutsu into Taido’s framework of movement. While it doesn’t follow the technical rules for a tournament tenkai, it does a fantastic job of showing what makes American Taido awesome.

Check it out:

And here is another demo featuring some younger students doing some really nice moves:

All of the other demonstrations were fantastic as well, and I want to say to all of those who performed that I was very impressed. I think the audiences were impressed too, and I imagine that you’ll be seeing some new faces around the dojo over the course of the next month as a result of this demo.

4 thoughts on “2007 JapanFest Demonstration”

  1. great videoes. i was the shuyaku in the junior’s tenkai. it was so much fun.

                       P.S thank for posting the videos!!!
  2. Hi Abhi:

    You guys had a really nice tenkai too, but my video was really bad (well, these weren’t so great either…). I’m glad they’ve all been posted on YouTube now.

    Take care.

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