Making notes of your own observations will help tremendously. Just take a few seconds to remember a point before practice and a couple of minutes to write down your thoughts. You'll find that this simple habit can increase your awareness and accelerate your progress.

And that's the tip: keep a training journal.

Even just a very simple one can help. I recommend a sturdy notebook that's small enough to keep in your bag, but large enough that you don't loose it easily.

If you need ideas for how to structure a journal, or are simply curious, you can check out my (old) Taido Training Log.

Keep in mind that there's no reason you need to keep an elaborate record of everything you practice. I suggest noting the date and length of your practice along with what you spent most of your time working on. Also write your impressions of your own performance or anything you want to remember to practice more next time.

Spend a couple of minutes before each practice reviewing the last session, and then a couple of minutes after practice to reflect and make notes.

That's all.

Spend two weeks building this habit, and you will find it much easier to improve your Taido.