I believe that attribute training is just as important as skill training. Most Taido practices are about developing skills - and this is probably the most efficient use of class time - but poor attributes (strength, mobility, endurance, and flexibility) will limit your performance of those skills. If you want to get more out of your Taido training, you should really work on developing your physical attributes outside of practice. One of the most basic ways to do this is by improving your flexibility. It’s relatively easy for anyone to accomplish this in their spare time at home. And it can make a huge difference in your Taido performance because it makes every movement easier. I’ve written pretty extensively on why we need to stretch and how to do it. I even took some sexy video in my bedroom to illustrate my recommendations. Check out the articles below to find out how you can make your existing skills more effective and effortless.

Stretching Articles

Other Stretching Resources

Of course, I didn’t just come up with all of this stuff on my own. I had to study and research. Through the years, I’ve worked with a few different stretching programs and learned from them all. Here are the fundamental materials I suggest checking out if you want to learn more about developing flexibility for Taido.

One Piece of the Puzzle

Obviously, stretching isn’t the only thing you can do to improve your techniques. Physical therapy, strength training, conditioning, joint mobility exercise, and fat loss can make a big difference too (hell, even try hypnosis if it helps). Stretching is just one of many training methods that can work synergistically to improve your abilities in Taido.

Remember, Taido is made up of taiki (attributes), doko (skills), and seigyo (tactics). All three are necessary. Improving your taiki makes your doko easier and gives you more freedom in seigyo. Improving one of the three naturally increases the overall synergistic effect of practice.

Stretching is only one aspect of a complete Taido education, but it’s an important one. Use these tools to improve your Taido.