American Taido Association

American Taido is the official US representative of the World Taido Federation, founded in 2015, after more than a decade without US participation in International Taido events.

We became a full member of the WTF in 2019 and offer official rankings and participation in international seminars and championships.

Main Dojo: Taido America – Dunwoody, GA

Head Instructor John Okochi is a 5th degree black belt who started Taido in 1978 and has competed in several international tournaments and taught thousands of Taido students. Okochi Sensei teaches Taido six days a week, offering children’s and adult Taido classes.

Taido in the USA - Brief History

The situation with Taido in the US is complex.

Back in the 70s, two Japanese Taido students independently began teaching in America. One moved to Australia and now teaches his own art. The other has continuously operated a dojo in Atlanta, GA, which still teaches Taido techniques in addition to grappling and other styles of martial art and sport fighting. For many years, this dojo represented Taido officially in the US, but it eventually broke off from the official competition and ranking standards.

Please note that the following schools offer a unique version of Taido that differs somewhat from the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, students at these schools are not affiliated with Taido Honin or World Taido Federation, so they are not eligible for official rankings or allowed to participate in international championships.

"US Taido" Unofficial Taido School

Head instructor - Mitsunobu "Mits" Uchida - 7dan president

  • Mitsuaki Uchida - 5dan
  • Brendan Dumont - 4dan

Located in Norcross, Georgia.

Georgia Tech Taido Club

URL - Campus Recreation Center - Course Info

Founded in 1996 by Andy Fossett and Bryan Sparks, GT Taido have built a reputation for high quality students - a reputation solidified at the US Taido 30th anniversary championships wherein every single competitor from our dojo won at least one medal.